Environmental Legal Services was established in June 1999 to assist our clients with the identification, interpretation, implementation and compliance with environmental, health & safety and employment legislation.



Our vision is to provide our clients with the necessary knowledge to identify, interpret and apply environmental, health & safety and employment legal requirements and to effectively contribute to global sustainable development and sound management practices.


Environmental, Health and Safety Legal Services

Legal Compliance Audits - General Environment, Health & Safety and Employment 

Legal Registers - Environmental, Health & Safety and Employment Law

Legal training

Corporate standards 

Strategic Planning

Consolidated Compliance Programmes

Consultation and Legal Opinions


External Compliance Auditing

Environmental Authorizations under the National Environmental Management Act, 1998,

Water Use Licences under the National Water Act, 1998,

Atmospheric Emissions Licences under the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004

Waste Management Licences under the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008

EMPr Environmental Audits (previously Performance Assessments)

ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015


Compliance Obligation Management Systems (Web-based)

Compliance Obligation Management Systems

Authorization Specific Compliance Management Tools (IWUL’s, WML, AEL’s, COP’s, Empr’s etc.)

Evironmental Legal Compliance Management Systems

Health & Safety Legal Compliance Management Systems

Integrated HSE Legal Compliance Management Systems